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The effect of emotion words on emotion perception

This line of research investigates whether emotion words influence emotion perception, more broadly defined. Through several studies which vary the level of processing, we investigate the breadth that emotion words have on emotion perception. In addition, we explore whether or not people need to be aware of words to affect perception. In a recent collaboration, my colleague and I are exploring the neural components of emotion words on emotion perception using ERP.

The effect of verbal labeling on the categorical perception of emotion

This line of research investigates whether language influences an effect called categorical perception. Categorical perception occurs when stimuli that vary continually come to be perceived as discrete categories. As a result, a perceiver is better able to detect differences between two stimuli when the two have been identified as from separate categories compared to when the two stimuli have been identified from the same category (holding the physical distant constant).  Using a variety of methods to train people to learn facial depictions of emotion, we examine whether verbal labels affect categorical perception.

Learning emotion words increases emotional intelligence and improves emotion perception

In this new line of research we are training people to learn more emotion words and become more precise with the use of those words to see whether emotional intelligence and perception is improved. We hope to apply this as a part of SEL training in the public school systems.

Meditation reduces rigidity of emotion categories

This line of research investigates how mediation reduces implicit labeling associated with discrete emotion perception in attempt to improve emotional health.

What color/emoji is your anger?

The goal of this research is to determine what color people (across various languages and cultures) associate with a list of ten emotions to test whether there is universality in color-emotion links. Included in this line of research is whether color-emotion pairings are consistent and specific. Additionally, in a new study we are assessing whether there is universality in emoji-emotion pairings.

War and Words

This research experiment investigates whether the terms we use for war related technology (e.g. drone) change public perception of the technology.



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